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via stream o' consciousness i aggregate stuff i find on the internets that exhibits one or more of the following: quality, aptitude, intelligence, accomplishment, monochromatics, compassion, creativity, cleverness, humor, family, friends, words, images, authenticity, style, stories, ideas, color, decisions, missions, desire, passion, lexicon, points of view, acceptance, curiosity, scholarship, spies, m0dernism, pettifogging, semiotics, music, fashion, trends, elan, architecture, design, typography, hand lettering, fagney & lacey, fine arts, the past, the present, the future, limns, interiors, exteriors, black and white, peace, virtuosity, flair, virtuality, symbols, animals, world travel, flight or fight, hedonism, variety, appreciation, gratitude, imagos, loyalty, wit, coiffure, icons, captiousness, hugger-muggering, sarcasm, whimsy, arcanum, imagination, surreptitiousness, fixity, reverence, irreverence, the bitterati, gimcrackery, panache, paradigms, noesis, parity, excess, reconnoitering, anachronisms, artifacts, vexation, discovery, accolades, and more. it never stops, this busy brain of mine. here are some images and stories that were trapped in the net of my gestalt.

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    occasional perfection of the day - ramping up for my favorite telly week. you know what i’m talking about. sharkie...
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    Oooooh my god!
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